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Kid Corey Maine Wedding DJ

Kid Corey
Direct Effect Entertainment Productions Founder and Owner

Voted one of Maine’s top club DJs, Kid Corey can really get the party going! Kid Corey has years of experience in some of the hottest nightclubs in and around Portland, Maine. Kid Corey also has on-air  experience on a number of radio stations in New England, including WTHT, WPOR, WERZ, WRED and B97 in Bangor.

A Maine native, Kid Corey earned his broadcasting degree from the New England School of Broadcasting in 1996. Through his work with Direct Effect Entertainment Productions, he has provided DJ services at a myriad weddings, proms and parties. His expansive selection of music and his professional demeanor on the mic provide Kid Corey with the flexibility necessary to cater to a wide range of audiences and tastes.

Kid Corey
Direct Effect Entertainment Productions Founder and Owner



Maine Wedding DJ

DJ Revolve

DJ Revolve is Portland’s premier DJ. As the resident DJ at two of Portland’s largest and most popular nightclubs, DJ Revolve is know for his ability to entertain with his extensive and diverse style. DJ Revolve can be seen Thursday and Friday nights at 51 Wharf and performing Portland’s only video mix Saturday nights at Pearl. DJ Revolve will also be hosting ladies night this summer on The Pier in Old Orchard Beach.






Travis Beaulieu

Travis Beaulieu


The ultimate party starter… With over seven years as a bartender and event manager Travis really knows how to get things going at your event.
He can find you a signature drink, lead a group out on the dance floor to some classic dance moves, or even sing your favorite song. His job – do whatever it takes to make your event the most fun it can possibly be. There is no limit to what he can do for you – all you have to do is ask!






DJ 2ee

“ Selector of music that gives you life ”

That’s how Matt (DJ 2ee) describes himself as a DJ. Never afraid to lead the dance floor to maximize gyration and therapeutic bliss while uplifting people.

Matt is a philanthropist and enjoys seeing people getting excited about music. DJ 2ee has gained DJ and musical knowledge and influence from his father who DJ’d for WABK out of Gardiner, Maine and from his peers DJ Quez, DJ Calibur, Kid Corey and other Maine DJ’s.

DJ 2ee is also a producer who infuses all his musical influences ranging from jazz and soul music to classic rock and hard core hip hop to electro dance style music. With a wide variety of elements in his tracks, he’s able to come up with original and remixed creations that he drops in his impromptu mixes.

He values powerful arrangements of orchestral sounds, sexy horns and celestial melodic sweeping melodies in his pieces while aiming for a mass audience, keeping a true original approach to music production and avoiding generic mediocracy.

DJ 2ee has been privileged to open for artists such as Talib Kweli, Sean Kingston, Bubba Sparks, Raekwon of Wu Tang Clan, Lloyd Banks of G Unit, Juelz Santana of Dipset and many other A or B list acts.

He has been featured at several red carpet events, and has performed at numerous weddings and mobile events across New England. DJ 2ee has earned acceptance and welcome in the hearts of many people who have experienced the epic nature of his routine and the unwavering desire to please.

“The most important thing to me is people had a good time, danced and enjoyed the music whether consciously or subconsciously. Furthermore I hope people caught feelings from the production they can use to escape the everyday toil and promote positive vibes”


DJ Brian

DJ Brian

DJ Brian always had a passion for music & entertainment.  As a young adult, Brian finally got the opportunity to pursue his passion & dreams as an On-Air Personality for WMGX which would eventually lead to several on-air opportunities with WPOR, WYNZ & WCLZ.  Within a few years, DJ Brian realized that his passion & need to entertain others extended beyond the radio dial.  Brian took his on air experience & projected it to entertain hundreds of guests at Weddings, Anniversaries, & Corporate Events.  DJ Brian will work with you, our client, on a individual basis to ensure that all of your needs & requests are met for your special day.